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Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

0129217001561642032.jpgRoot canals therapy is necessary when a tooth's pulp is infected. Your doctor needs to disinfect the root canal, remove the pulp and seal the tooth.

Here's some more information about root canal therapy:

Roots are small passageways and each tooth has 1 to 4 roots. The roots branch vertically downward, from the top of the tooth until the tip of the root.

When your tooth becomes inflamed, tissue-rich blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve cells in pulp, are infected, and a root canal, contrary to myth, rids you of the pain. The procedure itself is not painful and there's plenty of anesthesia and sedation dentistry you can speak with your dentist about.

So, what causes the infection?

It really comes down to poor oral hygiene. Cavities are decayed teeth that have formed as a result of eating sugary foods and not brushing or flossing.

When you don't brush, floss, or use mouthwash, plaque builds up and its accumulation is something called tartar, a calcified form of plaque. It becomes extremely difficult to clean your teeth, which is why you need to visit your Morris dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and checkup.

If you allow acid-producing bacteria to take over, you may suffer from gum disease and the breakdown of crucial and protective tooth layers that will leave your teeth exposed. Bacteria will then infect the pulp, as mentioned above.

Other ways in which bacteria can access those sensitive layers is if there is a cracks and/or chip in your tooth that occurred while you were playing a sport and/ or if you sustained an injury due to an accident.

Root canal therapy is vital for healthy teeth. The procedure isn't painful because dentistry has become more advanced today! For more information or to schedule an appointment for a root canal, call your Morris, IL, dentist, today!

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